Garry's Mod Servers Network

Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules

General rules

Main Section

  1. It is forbidden to use software or bugs which give you advantage over other players or the server (cheating, BugUse).
  2. It is forbidden to disturb the operation of server.
  3. It is forbidden to bypass account bans.
  4. Players must inform administration about important problems, which may give ability to crash the server or get unfair advantage over other players.
    Possession and concealment of such information, or its distribution, is punishable.

Chat Rules

  1. Insulting or attempting to somehow humiliate other players or moderators is prohibited. We may ignore singular, not too harsh insult shouted in the heat of a battle, but it depends on the situation and we don't guarantee anything.
  2. Various senseless resentful statements ("dis server is shite", "everything is clear with you", "such an admins here..." and such) will only lead to your ban.
  3. It is forbidden to advertise servers, communities, Steam groups in any form.
  4. It is forbidden to repeat same or very similar messages in short period of time. Sending large and meaningless sets of characters is also prohibited. (Flood).
  5. Don't use voice chat to make loud noises, squeaking and other unpleasant to hear sounds.

Communication with Administration

  1. Be polite and patient while talking with administration.
  2. When calling for an administrator, you MUST indicate the problem and name of the offending player.
  3. Don't tell admins that they'll get their status dismissed, you have no authority there.
  4. Don't add admins in steam or any other meanings of internet messaging. Use the forum or the Discord server.
  5. Administrators help exclusively at their own will. They aren't obliged to respond.

Rules of the gamemode

Main Section

  1. It is forbidden to kill or damage other players randomly, without a proper reason, while being Innocent or Detective.
  2. It is forbidden to declare other player a Traitor without a proper reason, while being Innocent or Detective.
  3. Your name should not contain insults or profanities.
  4. It is forbidden to use name so similar to the name of another player that it becomes impossible to name a specific one out of several players.
  5. It is forbidden to provocate other players to lose their karma.
    Example: Innocent obtained a knife from dead Traitor and then instantly took out a knife in front of Detective, like if he is about to kill, but in fact he was not going to attack.
  6. It is forbidden to exchange hidden game information with other players using outside-of-the-game means of communication.
  7. It is forbidden to play against your team.
    Example: bringing an explosive barrel into crowd while being Innocent.
    Example: revealing personas of your teammates while being a Traitor.