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A small group of Traitors is picked randomly.

Together they should kill all Innocents.

Innocents do not know who is Traitor and who isn't.

Traitors should use this fact in their advantage as they are outnumbered.


If you die, you will not respawn until next round begins.

Innocents won't know about your death until they find your body.

Terrorists death Missing In Action found Confirmed Dead

Bodies can have information that will lead to killer.

Special Equipment

Traitors can purchase Special Equipment.

Equipment Menu can be open by pressing C.

Innocent players that were chosen to be Detectives
can also purchase detective's equpment that will help them to find Traitors.


As Innocent, do not kill mindlessly!
Killing other Innocents will decrease your score and karma.
Make sure that you're shooting Traitor.

As Traitor, hide bodies! Innocents get important information from dead bodies.

As Traitor, cooperate with other Traitors! Distract people,
lead them into traps, cover up kills made by other Traitors.

As Detective, search for bodies! All Innocents
can see and use the results of your searches.


Q drops your current weapon, so you can pick up another.

C opens Equipment Menu, if you're Traitor or Detective.

Shift sends your voice only to other Traitors.

F1 shows Help and Settings menu.

Assign a button to Suit Zoom (+zoom) in your settings to use Radio messages.


Your Karma starts with 1000 and goes down if you inflict damage to players who are on your side.
Your Karma decreases less if your victim has low karma.

If your karma is low in the beginning of a round, then you will inflict less damage in this round.

Completing rounds without hurting your allies will increase your karma.
Innocents will also get a bonus karma for hurting Traitors.

Karma value shown in scoreboard will only update in the end of round.
During round, someone's actual karma may be lower than shown.